Auto Dealer in Thonotasassa Specializing in Quality and Service

May 6, 2015

A good number of people have had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a vehicle from a less than reputable dealership at one time or another. The tall tell sign is when the vehicle breaks down a short period of time after driving it off the lot. The frustrating excuses and more promises of repair when attempting to bring it back do not promote trust or confidence. Every once in a while however, the good name of a person, group or dealership will make its way to the top as having a reputation for understanding what it means not only to create trust and confidence with their clients but to keep it. The general public is very fortunate to have such an auto dealer in Thonotasassa specializing in quality and service.

Auto Dealer in Thonotasassa

An auto dealer specializing in quality vehicles will have a wide selection of per-owned or used vehicles all at a wide range of affordable prices. A family or individual will have the ability to choose the car, truck, van or SUV that fits their wants and needs at a price they can easily afford. If by chance, the vehicle of choice is not readily available, a quality auto dealer will do everything possible to locate the preferred vehicle for their customer.

An auto dealer specializing in service will ensure each vehicle is safety certified before leaving the dealership. If applicable, and extended warranty may also be offered with the sale of such a vehicle. With just one loan application, an experienced financial team will work with a number of lenders to obtain a loan at the best possible rates, regardless of a person’s credit history.

If you are looking to renew your trust in an auto dealer in Thonotosassa that specializes in quality and service, stop by or give Drive Away Enterprises a call today at (813)671-1986. A quality used car dealer with service you can trust.