Bankruptcy Auto Loans are Possible in Lithia with Drive Away Enterprises

April 3, 2015

When bankruptcy is a factor, many consumers find when a car is needed, that applying for financing at traditional banks and lending institutions is not always the best option as they have been turned down previously. Rejection is not always the only option however, and local customers need to know that bankruptcy auto loans in Lithia are possible at Drive Away Enterprises.

bankruptcy auto loans in Lithia

There are still people struggling to recover from the last few years’ economic recession. For many, that means bankruptcy has been filed the individuals credit is in recovery mode. The process is long, and there are many restrictions governing how the affected consumer can spend on a vehicle, with the result being a used car purchase.

Finding an understanding lender, preferably local can be a great help getting you started. A dealership with a good relationship with lenders is a plus. If a customer is not irresponsible and only fell victim to a poor economy and loss of employment, it is important lenders understand, so they are more apt to lend and maybe even at a lower rate than expected.

A good dealership with professional financing experts should also be able to verify a credit report one time and shop for financing from that one report. Such dealerships understand that multiple inquiries over a short period can lower FICO scores.

At Drive Away Enterprises, we offer fair and reasonable financing solutions that work for customers of all credit profiles. Regardless of if you have been turned down in the past, we have a helpful staff on hand of experienced personnel who can help get you in a car today.

For locals, Drive Away Enterprises works hard to get our customers the best Bankruptcy auto loans in Lithia with the best rates for a vehicle you need and want now. The finance application can be found on our website, or you can call (813) 452-5547 to learn more about our guarantee for financing your needed vehicle today.