Buy Here Pay Here Alternative

tablev1Many people in today’s society are finding themselves in a real predicament regarding dependable auto ownership.

A vehicle is often a must-have to continue reliable employment to meet personal financial obligations but the outright purchase or financing of said vehicle is often beyond the means of those with a poor credit history.

A number of these individuals feel that their only option is to turn to a “buy here pay here” or BHPH dealership to acquire a car. This is not always the case.

There is a buy here pay here alternative in Riverview that offers affordable and reliable used vehicles to meet virtually every economic situation.

Better options with our BHPH Alternative

  • Get a Nicer, Newer Vehicle
  • We Report to Credit Bureaus as on time payments are made!
  • Your Credit Score WILL Improve
  • Extended Warranty included on All Vehicles
  • Lower Mileage More Dependable Vehicles to select from

Drive Away Enterprises is pleased to offer guaranteed credit approval no matter what type of credit history you may have. We can secure financing from larger lenders than traditional BHPH, which means that you can be eligible for newer and lower mileage models and have up to 6 years for the term of your loan.

This translates to lower monthly payments for a vehicle that will last longer and is characteristically in better overall shape. In addition, our institution, along with the larger lenders, reports your positive payment history that ultimately leads to rebuilding a hopeful credit portfolio that can assist you in future purchases.

As a buy here pay here alternative in Riverview, the experienced professional sales team at Drive Away Enterprises is ready to assist you with questions and concerns about pre-owned vehicle financing and finding an auto that meets your specific transportation needs.

If you are currently in a BHPH program, you can give it back and get a nicer newer car with us!

Call Drive Away Enterprises today at (813)671-1986 to speak with one of our specialists. Allow us to be of assistance in locating a used car, truck or SUV for you from our extensive inventory and obtaining a loan that will not break your budget.