Buying a Car with Poor Credit in Brandon

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At Drive Away Enterprises we don’t believe that a credit rating accurately represents the ability of a person to be financially responsible. Our approach is that nobody should be denied the opportunity to purchase a car due to unfortunate past events. This why our professional finance team was created: to make buying a car with poor credit in Brandon an affordable possibility.

Regardless of credit history all applicants for an auto loan at Drive Away Enterprises are guaranteed to be approved, and don’t think that this guaranteed approval will come at the cost of unreasonably large repayment. We are truly committed to treating all of our customers fairly and not simply relying on an arbitrary scoring system to judge a person’s financial reliability.

Our ability to offer affordable auto loans to people with bad credit is second to none. Our financial team have years of experience in helping people with poor credit to obtain affordable financing options. With every new customer they apply this experience to individually tailor every single auto loan we issue.

Most people assume that the first place they should apply for an auto loan is at a high street bank. However, whenever a bank rejects a request for a loan it can contribute to making a bad credit rating even worse. This vicious cycle is part of the reason that Drive Away Enterprises doesn’t have much faith in the reliability of credit ratings. It also demonstrates one of the main benefits of using our own financing options, since approval is guaranteed on our auto loans.

If you are interested in buying a used car but fear that bad credit might prevent you from getting the loan you need, then call Drive Away Enterprises today at (813)671-1986. We can make buying a car with poor credit in Brandon easy and affordable.