Used Auto Sales and Financing in Dover

 Used Cars in Dover

When you have a long commute to work everyday and you have a busy family, you are going to need more than one vehicle. We can sit down with you to discuss your needs so that we can set you up with the right option to fall in line with your budget.

Car Dealer in Dover

Are you a first time buyer? Are you a parent who is looking for a used vehicle to buy the new driver in your household? Our staff at Drive Away Enterprises specializes in first time buyers and we even have a special program that is geared to meet your needs.

Auto Dealer in Dover

There can be many reasons why someone may be worried to buy a vehicle from a used car dealership. However, there are many distinct advantages with a used car dealership over buying a used car through a private sale.

Low Mileage Cars In Dover

While shopping for a low mileage car, you will also be able to find a wide range of options that are dependable and safe.

Affordable Cars In Dover

Some people will look for a vehicle at a low price point, while others will also take mileage into consideration. However, there are many vehicles in our inventory that are both low mileage as well as very affordable.

Low Mileage Cars For Sale In Dover

If you would like to shop a bit in advance before showing up at our full service used car dealership, you will also find a full listing of our available inventory on our website.