Ford Repair & Service in Riverview

Ford repair & service in RiverviewFord is an iconic vehicle, and it is the one of the oldest manufacturer of automobiles in the United States. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903 and setting the industry standard for automobiles and automobile manufacturing, the name is synonymous with durability. Fords are really “built Ford tough”. We at Drive Away Enterprises want to keep our customers Ford vehicles running in peak performance condition, and to do that we offer Ford repair & service in Riverview.

To keep a Ford running well it needs to be maintained routinely, we offer many different routine maintenance and repair services for our customers Ford vehicles. Some of the routine maintenance and repair services we offer but not limited to:

  • Lights checked
  • Heating and cooling systems check
  • Tires (alignment, balancing, installation, rotation)
  • Oil change/ filter inspection & change
  • Brake repair& inspection
  • Belt and hoses inspection
  • Battery test and change/install
  • Radiator inspection/ flush
  • Engine Tune-up
  • Steering & suspension

Having these systems tested or repaired will help to lengthen the life of a Ford vehicle, and our service staff is dedicated to assisting with that. It is suggested that most systems be inspected at 30-60-90k miles and some even more often, we are available when that is needed.

Our technicians are highly-trained in all Ford systems, and will ensure that each customer’s vehicle is inspected or repaired quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

Drive Away Enterprises offers extensive Ford repair & service in Riverview. To set up and appointment contact our staff at (813)671-1986 for your inspection today.