One Owner Cars for Sale in Tampa

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The list of things that can go wrong when buying pre-owned vehicle is nearly endless. For this reason, may people avoid purchasing a pre-owned vehicle; which is perfectly reasonable. However, those consumers that avoid pre-owned cars may be missing out on some of the best possible deals around. Purchasing a pre-owned; or one owner; car from a certified dealership with a good local reputation is a lot different than doing business with a stranger from Craigslist. Drive Away Enterprises is a fantastic local auto dealer; and we provide access to a great variety of one owner cars for sale in Tampa and the surrounding area.


Drive Away Enterprises has been serving this area for many years, and we have the great local reputation to prove it. We are known for providing honest, hard work for each and every one of the customers that we work with; regardless of their financial situation or credit history. At Drive Away Enterprises, our team of trained professionals are prepared to help our customers find the right car at the right price. We provide a great selection of different vehicle types, models, makes, etc… If a customer cannot find exactly what they’re looking for on our lot, we have additional inventory at a second location.

For more information on how we can help you find great one owner cars for sale in Tampa, you can contact us online, in person, or by telephone. Our regular business hours are from 9:30am until 7pm Monday through Friday, and from 9:30am until 5pm on Saturday. Give us a call at (813)671-1986 to get started on finding your dream vehicle!