One Owner Trucks for Sale in Tampa

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A good dealership such as Drive Away Enterprise can help buyers find great one owner trucks for sale in Tampa and the surrounding locales. While many people are understandably hesitant to consider the purchase of a used vehicle; they may be missing some really great deals by avoiding one owner vehicles. A one owner vehicle differs from a used vehicle only slightly; but the difference makes a great impact on the overall value and reliability of the vehicle in question. A one owner vehicle is guaranteed to have only had one prior owner; as opposed to the limitless potential of prior owners when purchasing on the street.

This one small thing makes a world of difference. One owner vehicles haven’t been passed from one person to the next; each just trying to make a quick buck; and thus not giving full disclosure of the car or trucks condition. Maintenance on one owner vehicles is notoriously better kept up on than a vehicle that’s been passed around as well.

There are many fantastic one owner trucks that look and perform like new available at our lot; located at 6222 Us Highway 301 S. in Riverview. If a customer cannot find the exact make, model or brand that they are seeking to purchase in our direct inventory we provide a free of cost car finder service in order to locate such a vehicle.

If you are searching for good deals on one owner trucks for sale in Tampa, stop by the Drive Away Enterprises lot Monday-Saturday; or give us a call at (813)671-1986. Our team personally inspects each and every vehicle that we purchase; meaning that each and every single one owner truck on our lot has been certified as only having had one previous owner, being in excellent shape, and being a reliable vehicle; whether for work or play. Let us help you find the right one owner truck today!