Transmission Service & Repair in Riverview

transmission service & repair in Riverview

The transmission in any vehicle is complex, and helps to transfer power from an engine to the cars wheels. When the fluid in a transmission break down due to heat over time, it needs to be replaced, otherwise damage can occur. These issues can be very expensive to repair, and sometimes a transmission may need to be replaced completely. Drive Away Enterprises offers qualified transmission service & repair in Riverview, completed by certified technicians in the industry.

Other than an engine overhaul or replacement, a transmission replacement is one of the most expensive repairs a vehicle can incur. Having a transmission serviced on a regular basis helps to keep your vehicle running at optimum efficiency is highly recommended.

Our transmission services include but are not limited to:

  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • Pan and gasket changing
  • Visual inspection
  • Filter changing
  • Adjusting bands and linkage
  • Diagnosis computer and non-computer
  • Transmission replacement and/or rebuild

Our technicians ensure that your repairs are completed correctly every time as safety is our top priority. We do not use cheap parts but best parts that can be put under warranty.

A person may notice problems with their transmission if it is:

  • Losing power
  • Has a burning smell
  • Check engine light is showing
  • Hear a whining, or humming noise

Preventative maintenance tasks that can help to avoid these issues are, avoid overheating, use the proper fluids, and add transmission fluid at the recommended intervals. These will help to cut down on large repair bills as well as having transmission maintenance service done by a professional.

Drive Away Enterprises has skilled specialists that can handle transmission service & repair in Riverview. Contact us at (813)671-1986 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.