Vehicles We Service

Vehicles We Service

At Drive Away Enterprises, our service department provides routine and extensive maintenance on most major makes and models. Call (813)671-1986 to schedule an appointment today.

Acura Repair & Service

Offering not only 30-60-90k tune-ups for our customers, we also provide manufacturer specific Acura repair & service in Riverview.

Audi Repair & Service

When looking for a trusted, certified Audi repair & service in Riverview, contact Drive Away Enterprises for professional assistance.

BMW Repair & Service

Our friendly service staff can answer any questions you may have regarding our BMW repair & service in Riverview, and schedule your appointment today.

Buick Repair & Service

When looking for a reliable company to inspect and maintain your Buick, contact Drive Away Enterprises.

Chevrolet Repair & Service

Drive Away Enterprises offers Chevrolet repair & service in Riverview completed by experienced, highly-trained service technicians.

Dodge Repair & Service

To keep any Dodge vehicle running smoothly, it needs to have routine maintenance performed on its various systems.

Ford Repair & Service

We at Drive Away Enterprises want to keep our customers Ford vehicles running in peak performance condition, and to do that we offer Ford repair & service in Riverview.

GMC Repair & Service

Here at Drive Away Enterprises, we are committed to helping our customers to keep their GMC vehicles in pristine condition by offering GMC Repair & Service in Riverview.

Honda Repair & Service

To keep a Honda running reliably, so that it can keep getting great fuel economy and be safe, it should be provided routine maintenance.

Hyundai Repair & Service

We have many service options available that will help to maximize the performance and lengthen the lifespan of our customers Hyundai vehicles.

Kia Repair & Service

At Drive Away Enterprises we offer Kia repair & service in Riverview, to help keep our customers Kia’s driving like new.

Lexus Repair & Service

When someone buys a Lexus, customers expect the same level of quality that they experience from their Lexus vehicle, through any service they receive.

Mazda Repair & Service

A properly maintained and serviced Mazda will lengthen the life of the vehicle as well as boost its overall performance.

Mercedes Repair & Service

Drive Away Enterprises offers quality Mercedes Repair & Service in Riverview.

Mitsubishi Repair & Service

To keep a Mitsubishi vehicle in top condition, it is paramount that routine maintenance be performed regularly, as well as at the manufacturer’s suggested time frames.

Toyota Repair & Service

The well-being of not only our customers but their Toyota’s is safe with us, as we understand that their vehicle not only a large investment, but is also a method of primary transportation.

Porsche Repair & Service

Our technicians at Drive Away Enterprises are highly qualified to perform Porsche repair & service in Riverview, and have extensive experience with all Porsche vehicles.

VW Repair & Service

When a VW needs to have their factory maintenance checks performed, a specialist with extensive knowledge should be the one completing the checks.